King Arthur: The Battle Of Badon Hill

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King Arthur King Arthur was a medieval legendary king who was the head of the kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. Many People consider King Arthur to be a mythological figure, but many historians believed he actually existed. In the film, King Arthur (2004), director Antoine Fuqua demonstrates Arthur as a cavalry officer in the Roman army in the 5th century who fought proudly in a historic battle against the Saxons that led to an epic victory, him becoming king, and the marriage of him and Guinevere. In the action adventure film director, Antoine Fuqua effectively attempts to replicate exact historical accounts of events during the Dark Age, however in the process the film poorly portrays historical precision and details of …show more content…
One event that was authentically portrayed in the movie was the Battle of Badon Hill. The Battle of Badon Hill is a large battle at the end of the film. The Saxon army marches toward Hadrian’s Wall, only to find it abandoned. Arthur, his men, and their Woad allies are waiting just outside of Hadrian’s Wall with bows and catapults. Arthur’s forces strike, and a large-scale hand-to-hand struggle begins. This is somewhat similar to what happened, but there was still some vague information that didn’t relate to what actually occurred. For instance, King Arthur’s presence at the Battle of Badon Hill. Historians have claimed the battle took place between 490 and 516. Arthur doesn’t appear in the “only surviving contemporary source about the Saxon invasion, in which the Celtic monk Gilda’s wrote of a real-life battle at Badon Hills around 500 A.D.” Several centuries later, Arthur appears for the first time in the writing of a Welsh historian named Nennius, who gave a list of twelve battles fought by Arthur. All drawn from Welsh poetry, the battles and locations took place at various times and regions that it would’ve been impossible for one man to have participated in all of them. Another imprecise detail was the participation of King Cedric and his son Cynric at the Battle of Bacon Hill. In 534 Cedric died and Cynric his son succeeded to the government and reigned afterwards for twenty-six winters. Thus this shows the inaccuracy of the film because they both couldn’t have died at the same