King Arthur's Tragic Hero In 'Le Morte D' Arthur

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In Le Morte D’Arthur or the Death of Arthur, there are many qualities and factors that make the story a romance. The story depicts the tale of King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, and his Knights. Le Morte D’Arthur immerses in the true romantic story consisting of a quest filled with supernatural beings, the number three, allegiance, and courage.
In a truly romantic tale, there is a chivalric hero who goes on a quest. In this particular story, the hero is Arthur. Not only is Arthur extremely courageous and heroic, he strives to fulfill his duties and honor his people. There is also a villain, which in this story is Mordred. In the story, there are two characters named Sir Gawain and Sir Bedivere. Their fidelity is tested in the story when Arthur
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Arthur’s dying wish is for his sword named Excalibur to be thrown into the lake. Arthur asks this favor to Bedivere. Bedivere, who is truly entranced by the beauty and power of the sword, hides Excalibur and reports to Arthur that he did as he wished. However, Arthur could see behind Bedivere’s lies and ordered him to proceed as he wished. Bedivere, yet again could not possess himself to throw the Excalibur into the Lake. King Arthur knew he was lying for the second time in a row and threatened him because it was his dying wish. Bedivere felt obligated and eventually decided to throw Excalibur into the Lake. When he did this, a hand reached out and grabbed the sword and brought it down into the water of the lake. In this section of the story, we can see heavy influences of a romantic story. Bedivere is asked to do a simple task which he is told to do so three times, which is incredibly symbolic and important. The number three is also mentioned with the three queens who take King Arthur to his tomb. Bedivere's loyalty to the king is also tested and he eventually passes the test. In addition to the hand grasping the sword from the lake. This is an example of a supernatural being in the