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Darius Hill
Mr. McBee
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Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child.

A child needs both parents in their life just as much, both need to take care of the child and show support and love. So in the future the child can have a great childhood and be raised the right way as all children should. Having both parents is a blessing to a child because most children don’t get to have both parents in their life. Sometimes its abandon, divorce, or passed away. I think it's important to have several loving, responsible, parenting mentors in a child's life. It could be two good parents, it could be one parent and a grandparent, or an uncle, or an aunt. Children need good influences; it does have to be a two parent home. Just because a person is a single parent doesn't mean they are the only adult in that child's life but a mother and father is preferred because there’s no type of love better than having it from your parents. But some others may disagree because you one parent that works a lot more hours than the other. This most likely would be the father because the mother has to take off from work for a while after labor. Also there is kind of a history that fathers may abandon the child so therefore both parents don’t assume that is important to be equally responsible. Mostly if the child is well taken care of then that’s all that matters both parents don’t have to in the child’s life but its only right.
Divorce is the end of a