King Hamlet Essay

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Renan Toffanelli
World Literature II
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Short Paper: Topic 1

Hamlet has caused a lot of discussions about his personalities. This famous tragedy is William Shakespeare’s most analyzed play. As the play evolves Hamlet need to face the difficult challenge of looking for vengeance against his uncle, Claudius, for the homicide of his father, King Hamlet. Hamlet has called readers attention and has caused much inquiry and debate, Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a very mentally perplex character. Throughout the play, Hamlet passes on two separates sides; youthful,, emotional and smart prince, who is focused to honesty and loyalty; and his dangerous and hasty side which led to the murdered of Polonius. Hamlet can be defined as a sentimentalist, first of all because despite revenge is not a good act but all he does is based on his father’s death. He is also seen as a sentimental dreamer, because his natural power or weapon are more his own words than anything else. On the other hand Hamlet seeks for revenge the whole play, sometimes also rejecting the love of Ophelia, all he had on his mind was killing Claudius at any circumstance. First of all Hamlet is confused if the ghost is telling him the truth or if the ghost is a devil from hell, trying to make him kill Claudius. Another reason he did not kill Claudius was because he was trying to make sure if his mother was complicity in his father’s death. He had a few opportunities to kill Claudius during the play. A good quote to show his procrastination during the play can be found in act 4, scene 4: "How all occasions do inform against me, and spur my dull revenge.” (Act 4, Scene 4, page 91, line 33-34) Hamlet’s tragic end in the play is based on his procrastination; he knew that the only one between him and Gertrude was Claudius. He also showed to be a religious character, especially because he did not kill Claudius while he was praying. As a reader of