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• King Lear was written by William Shakespear in
1605, between his plays Orthello and Macbeth.
The setting is based upon the eighth century.
• This play was based on a lawsuit that happened before King Lear was written. Three sisters tried to declare their father mentally insane so they all could take control of their fathers wealth.
• One main juxtaposition throughout the play that is well seen is the loyalty and betrayal throughout many of the characters.

• In this play, Loyalty is rare.
 When trying to survive in a unstable political situation, many people focus on the bottom line,
 ‘Saving their own skins’

• Kent and Cordelia are the only characters in King Lear that show loyalty.

• As shown throughout King Lear, it celebrates the virtue of loyalty but also how it can be dangerous to others.
 Loyalty is not appreciated
 Ignored
 Showing loyalty means death in some cases
 In all cases, it means suffering

• In this play,
 Brothers betray brothers
 Children betray fathers

• Goneril and Regan’s betrayal of Lear creates more power to them in
• Edmund, who betrays both Edgar and Gloucester, later joins the two.

• Shakespear’s King Lear suggest that betrayers will eventually turn on one another.
 Goneril and Regan fall out after they both become attracted to Edmund.
 Their jealousies of one another lead
To mutual destruction.

• This entire