What Does Ralph Give Piggy Instead Of Allowing Him To His Adventure

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LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1. Who are the first two characters to appear in the story?
John and Edward

2. What do Ralph and Piggy find in the small lagoon?
A piglet

3. How does Ralph summon the others?
With a whistle

4. Who is elected chief?

5. For what purpose does Jack Merridew want his choir used?
Lifting everyone's spirits

6. What assignment does Ralph give Piggy instead of allowing him to join the exploration expedition?
Tidying the huts

7. Who does Ralph select to accompany him on the expedition?

8. What weapon does Jack possess?
A sword he discovered

9. What does Simon call the strange bushes they find?

10. Why does the piglet trapped in the creeper vines escape?
Edward rescued it

11. Where does Ralph get the idea for using the conch to speak?
He read it in a book

12. Why is Jack so enthusiastic about the possibility of creating rules?
Because he wants to become a teacher

13. Which boy pessimistically introduces the reality that they may never be rescued?

14. Who first mentions “the beastie”?

15. Who is the last to join the boys on the mountain to make a fire?

16. How do the boys start the fire?
With a lighter

17. How does the fire become uncontrollable?

18. Who defends Piggy from Jack for not helping with the fire?
John and Edward

19. How does Piggy first notice