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Symon Graham
Period 7
Mrs. Leasure
Girls Should Play Sports

Say you’re not active, you’re bored and you’re getting fat, but you want to look good so maybe you should go play sports! Here are some reasons and examples of why you should play sports and you’re a girl. One main reason why girls should play sports is that playing sports boosts self-confidence.For example girls who play sports feel better about themselves. It also builds confidence when you know you can practice, improve, and achieve your goals. Another example is it’s also a feel-good activity because they help girls get in shape, maintain healthy weight, and make new friends. Another main reason why girls should play sports is that girls who play sports do better in school.Research shows girls who play sports do better in school then girls who don’t. Also exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration which can give an active girl and advantage in the class. Playing sports lessons the stress and helps you feel a little happier about yourself so you can focus on school and education more. The last main reason is that girls who play sports learn teamwork and goal-setting skills. Examples for this reason are when working with coaches/trainers/teammates you learn to achieve and reach your goals. You’re learning how to be successful! Also sports teach valuable life lessons or skills. You also try harder in school to stay on the sports team and stride harder to reach your goals for sports.