King Nebuchadnezzar: An Authoritarian Leader

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I have always been impressed how God would always find ways to use wicked kings of the Bible to fulfill His will. Most of the time it was done for only two purposes: to punish Jewish nation for their sins, or to show Himself so other nations would believe that there was only One God. Studying Biblical characters and heroes, would always fascinate me since there was always a sign of God’s unexplainable and sometimes unbelievable plan. In some stories, God would harden kings’ hearts so that His will and power could be seen. Like in the example of pharaoh, when God internationally hardened pharaoh’s heart so His power could be a testimony to all nations. However, there is one king of a massive and strong nation that stood out among other kings …show more content…
King Nebuchadnezzar, according to Three-Dimension Theory of Leadership, falls into the category of Authoritarian Leader. By definition, Authoritarian Leader is an absolute power, dominating figure that has the most to say in a decision-making process. One of the advantages of an authoritarian leader is a quick solution to a problem, since it does not require detailed discussion between group members. King Nebuchadnezzar is also a strategic planner who is very involved in his surroundings. In Daniel 3:5-20, King Nebuchadnezzar has a certain expectation from his palace master, Ashpenaz, including training indigenous leaders with best resources. King’s plan is very detailed and precise, including the best educational programs, leadership training, and a diet. The fact that king himself is interested in viewing those young men after training is a sign of Nebuchadnezzar’s personal involvement that is a quality of good leader. The king could have left everything up to his palace master, but he involved himself in the process of selection. Had not he kept Ashpenaz accountable for this task, Daniel would have possibly not made it to the