King Oedipus Questions Essay

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Scene 1 (Pages 25-39)

1. Oedipus characterizes himself by in line 7 of scene 1, Oedipus says, "I Oedipus, a name that all men know."(known afar) This shows he has much pride for himself. He feels he is very important, and that no one is above him. He knows the people need his help, and he feels prideful that they would need him. The people view him as their saviour. They are relieved to have him there to help them, and they almost worship him for his help. But as for Oedipus his attitude towards the suppliants is good, he anticipates his subjects needs and is always one step ahead of them.

2. The conditions in Thebes the Priest describes is there city is in a tide of death from which there is no escaping. For example “Death in
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However, three days after their son was born:
"Laios had the feet of this child bound and pinned. Someone tossed it in a mountain wilderness. So there. Apollo didn't cause this boy to be his father's killer. Laios didn't bear the terror he feared from his son. That's what the words of prophecy defined."(Line 717)
Although this story was supposed to help Oedipus calm down, it has the opposite effect and Oedipus becomes extremely worried. Oedipus proceeds to ask Jocasta many questions about the place and time of Laios' death, as well as demanding an accurate description of Laios, all of which Jocasta provides. Frantic now, Oedipus summons for the man who had escaped the attack and had brought the news to Thebes. However, the man is not easily to be found because after he came back and found that Oedipus had taken Laios' place, he pleaded with Jocasta to "send him to the fields, the sheep pastures, so far he couldn't even lay eyes on Thebes."(Line 761) Because he was such an excellent servant and had won great favour, Jocasta did so. However, Jocasta says that he can be fetched and so he will be searched for.

14. Jocasta’s view of the prophecy is Jocasta tells the story of how her son was supposed to kill his father and sleep with his mother, but, she says, this never happened. Therefore,