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In North Africa, head to cairo. Thats where I am from and was crowned with deniro. My families made their dynasties but now they're all in tombs, wrapped as mummies. Uniting the upper and lower egyptians we ruled government and led our religion. For our spirits they built pyramids , we are polytheist… read the hieroglyphics. Give me a double crown and ill rule you, I was king since I was 9 years old dude.Grow some big crops from the niles silt. Get specialized jobs, trade for profit. People Build technology , learn geometry and some people even eat lima beans . Make a calendar, get a scribe yes, make him write it down on papyrus. We need to write stuff down cause flooding water comes in the summer without it were cursed oh yeah oh yeah ask my vizier. My priest put the gods in a good mood , Im so powerful I can kill you if you are rude. Ill invade your world like the hyksos. Ill destroy your history like thutmose. Out of everyone i was the best king. You should give me a superbowl ring . King tuts out with a bow. WORD! ******THE FIVE BASIC BRUSH STROKES
absolute action verb appositive 5. adjectives out of order

- It is an ing word placed at the beginning or end of a complete sentence
Note: Use no more than three participial phrases
My sentence:

- Combination of a noun followed by a participle
Sentence: The mummies right arm outstretched the torn wrapping hanging from it as if the being stepped out