Kingkong: Goal and Short-term Goal Essay

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Goals Paper My goals have changed a numerous amount of times as I grew older personal, academic, and career wise. Short-term ones like being more organized and staying healthy. To long-term ones like graduating college and becoming certified in Occupational Therapy. I’m constantly reminded of these goals just by looking in the mirror or seeing terrible accidents happening almost every day get me motivated to taking these steps towards achieving them. A personal, long-term goal of mine is owning my own car in about three years. It’s important to me because I’m currently sharing a car with my sister, and it gets frustrating having to re-arrange our schedules around each other’s in order to get to our destinations on time. In about a year or so, moving out is my intermediate goal. Lastly becoming healthy and physically fit by the end of December is my short-term goal. But my lack of motivation restrains me from making this happen. Having a partner to work out with might help me get started to achieving this and also having a well-planned schedule can get me where I want to be by the end of the year. My long-term academic goal is to graduate college with my master’s degree in Physiology within four years, and a GPA of 3.5 or higher. This goal is important to me because, this will take me forward with my life making it easier for me to find a job or if I decide to further my education, I have the requirements to do so. An intermediate goal is being halfway completing my pre-requisites in the next year at Valencia. Being able to maintain A’s and B’s is my short-term goal. An obstacle I face with is procrastination. Two solutions are managing my time constantly and accurately and also staying organized. Becoming certified as an