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Prepared for: City Of Lake Charles, LA 70601
Prepared by: Thierry R. Williams
Date: 25 June 2013
Advertising Plan


The reader acknowledges by examining or possessing this packet that the information within this advertising plan is confidential. The reader agrees not to disclose any of this information, without the express written permission of Kings Laundry Mat. The reader acknowledges that any information in this advertising plan is confidential in nature, unless otherwise in the public domain, and that to disclose any of the information within may cause serious harm or damage to Kings Laundry Mat, and may result in legal action being taken.

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1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Situation Analysis
2.1 Service Description
2.2 SWOT Analysis
2.3 Industry Analysis
2.4 Target Market Description
2.5 Marketing Mix
2.6 Competitive Analysis
3.0 Advertising Objectives
3.1 Communication Goals
3.2 Purchasing Behavior
3.3 Positioning
4.0 Advertising Strategy
4.1 Product Concept
4.2 Target Audience
4.3 Communications Media
4.4 Media Objective
4.5 Media Plan
4.6 Communication Effectiveness
4.7 Advertising Message
5.0 Testing and Evaluation
5.1 Advertising Effectiveness
5.2 Effectiveness Measurement

1.0 Executive Summary
Kings Laundry is a full service card-operated laundry service dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering reliable machines and furnishing a clean, enjoyable atmosphere at a competitive price.
Presently, the community has a couple of Laundromats that serve the university campus, however they are not up to date and has become home for many homeless. In addition to having a clean facility that strives to ensure complete customer satisfaction, Kings will be set up to provide an environment conducive to studying. This will be accomplished by having ample desks for customers to use while they are doing their laundry.
Conveniently located inside the facility will be coffee shop that offers beverages and light snacks that will encourage customers to stay longer and increase sells. Our Advertising research team has determined that margins for the coffee shop is excellent and will be very profitable. The on-staff Laundromat operator will be able to service both the Laundromat and the coffee bar at the same time. During the peak hours of operation, Kings have a second employee on hand.
Kings Laundry's mission is to provide the customer with the most pleasant laundry experience in the community. We exist to attract and maintain customers. With a strict adherence to this maxim, success will be ensured. Our services will exceed the expectations of the customers.
The advertising research indicates that a clean, quiet Laundromat is in large demand for the University area. Currently, most of the Laundromats has limited machines and has a long wait time. By providing our customers with superior service will allow Kings to rapidly gain market share.

2.0 Situation Analysis
Located on the Southside of Lake Charles is a pre-existing structure that was formerly a privately owned laundry facility over 25 years ago. The space of the facility measures approximately 3200 square feet with a solid foundation. The entire interior of the facility will be gutted out and re-modeled with a state-of-the-art floor and design plan. This process will not disrupt the local community and will be completed as environmentally friendly as possible. Our marketing department is working on an exterior design that will display to the public that everything that our conservation of energy will be green friendly.

2.1 Product Description
Our mission is to