Essay Kings: Wind Power and Long Term Components

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What is wind power ?
Wind power is when air moves causing wind to be converted into a more using form of energy, it is also a form of solar as a result of the uneven atmosphere that’s created by the sun. Wind power Is a clean and renewable source of energy and is one of the long term components of the energy strategy. In eradicating sources that cause pollution weather they are renewable or not.
(B)How wind electricity is made using wind power air goes past the turbines and when it goes past the blades it is never even, one higher that the other this is what cause the blades to turn around, inside the turbine there is a shaft that is connected to the blades that’s also connected to a generator that increases the speed from about 18 revolutions per min (RPM) to 1800 rpm. This then creates the electricity. The length of the blades and the higher it is the more wind that is captured and the more efficiently its captured.

2.What is the cost of wind power ? find out how much it costs to produce wind from wind
There are different types of wind turbines and because of this the costs would differ. Other than that there are many different factors that are involved when you are trying to make a wind farm. This includes the amount of turbines that you would d like to install, construction contracts, the location to where you want to install the turbines. Things such as the wind resource assessment and site