Kinship in Horticulcural Essay

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Kinship systems in horticultural-based societies provide support for people in all stages of life. With the current mobility of global populations we find ourselves increasingly geographically distant from parents and grandparents. How do we as members of a highly mobile and diverse society compensate for the lack of accessible kin? Members of highly mobile and diverse society compensate for the lack of accessible kin by affiliating with people that share a similarity of culture and beliefs, people with the same race or joining a group that they share common interest. This is a way for distant family members to feel that they are not far away from home. An individual may also try to learn different cultures to add diversity to their coping skills and adapt to their new found environment and society. When my wife and I got married, we had to move to Alaska for four years. She had a hard time adjusting when it comes to finding new friends. She is really close to her parents and sisters. One month immediately after she gave birth to our first born, I deployed to Iraq for nine months. She compensated for the lack of accessible kin by socializing with our Filipino neighbor and having her sister moved in with us while I was gone to help raise our daughter. Also, computer technology helped a lot in communicating with my wife while I was gone. Her sister staying with us was a big help and we are hoping to return the favor in some time, which shows a…