Kinship System In Australian Aborigines Essay

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Kinship System In Australian Aborigines Kinship Systems can be described in many ways. The kinship system is broken down into three types Unillineal, Ambilineal, and Bilateral. Each one has to deal with different examples of relationships between the family and what is around them. The type of Kinship system the culture of Australian Aborigines holds is the Bilateral because the textbook states that the culture is listed as on of the foraging cultures. Many cultures have different beliefs and aspects that they follow. Australian Aborigines are people that live in Australia that is considered indigenous people. There has been statistics that have proven that in Australia there are about 400,00 aboriginal people and that make up 2 percent of the Australian population. It has been described that this type of culture is one of the ones that is more into relating a relationship between humans and the environment. They relate so mush with the environment and the nature around them that they have come to believe that when it comes to humans they believe that humans are equal to nature. A few examples of the way that the culture is affected and has an impact towards the cultures behavior is infanticide, choosing a spouse, and shamans. Infanticide is killing or abandonment of newborn babies. This is established when the baby is born deformed and when the mother already has another baby to feed and take care of. The way that this belief is followed will affect the way…