Kipling: Rudyard Kipling and Kim Essay

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james smith
Literature 232
Essay 2
Act of Respect
We all have that one person that we look up to, and show a high amount of respect. Kim is a boy who is not only trying to find out why he has set foot on this earth, but also a spiritual awakening of finding out, who is Kim? Kim has been a vagabond due to the harsh effects of poverty and being a descendant of a poor family. Kim meets the Tibetan old aged lama, and begins his pathway to respect. The old lama is Kim’s mentor leaving Kim as his disciple and now they both are on a quest of enlightenment and freedom.
Kim would find himself learning many different languages, and picking up different cultures around his epic adventures through India. Being the son of an Irish soldier and living in the slums of India, Kim would have to beg, and do pity tasks just to get by. Kim fits in so nicely some do not even know that Kim is in fact a white male. Kim than makes a networking friend who in the world looks to be a famous horse trader, but is in fact a spy. Mahbub Ali is an undercover secret agent for the British colonel, and has much respect for Kim and his ambitious ways.
The lama truly believes Kim was heaven-sent to help him find the “river of the arrow” and achieve enlightenment. Yet his treatment of Kim moves from disciple to that of a son. The distress the lama shows when he realizes Kim will be taken from him by the soldiers is heart-breaking, not just because he will miss him but more importantly in that the lama has forsaken his mission. This is when I first realized throughout the chapters that the bond between Kim and the Tibetan lama has grown to a point where the lama is like a father to Kim. Being an orphaned child, Kim needs this type of guidance to bring hope to his life. This reminds me of my bigger brother, when he took care of me and my other siblings when my family structure was broken. We all looked up to him as our guardian. He did whatever was necessary to keep us out of harm’s way. This is why I respect the bond between Kim and the Lama.
“I made believe to myself for now I see it was but make-belief - that thou was not sent to me to aid in the Search. So my heart went out to thee for thy charity and thy courtesy and the wisdom of thy little years. But those who follow the Way must permit not the fire of any desire or attachment, for that is all Illusion. As says ...” He quoted an old, old Chinese text, backed it with another, and reinforced these with a third. “I stepped aside from the Way, my chela. It was no fault of thine. I delighted in the sight of life, the new people upon the roads, and in thy joy at seeing these things. I was pleased with thee who should have considered my Search and my Search alone. Now I am sorrowful because thou art taken away and my River is far from me. It is the Law which I have broken!”
The Tibetan Lama said this quote in hopes to gain a spiritual awakening on the reason why Kim was brought to Earth. The lama feels he was sent on a mission to aid him to the River of Arrows. This then opens Kim’s eyes to another reason to be living, and gives him pride in being where he is now. Kim is than giving the opportunity to attend schooling and gain a more intellectual perspective of life around him. “I am Kim. This is the great world, and I am only Kim. Who is Kim?” This is when he starts finding out more towards his existence, that’s to the great help of his mentor. I chose to speak about this part of the novel because of the connection with Kim and the lama. Being that the lama is paying for his education and waiting countless amounts of hours just to see a glimpse of Kim, shows a high deal of affection and love for his disciple. What also came to mind was the idea of how much the lama is sacrificing in order gain his pathway to enlightenment. Being truthfully honest, young boy Kim has many protectors. Throughout the novel it can be seen that everyone has a connection with keeping Kim out of danger. It’s like