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Kit Carson is best known for his role in the expansion of the West as a trapper, explorer, scout and American soldier. Carson not only spent time carving the path to the west, he defended it in battle as an officer in the U.S. Army. One of the most famous mountain men of the Westward movement, Carson has had several landmarks, cities, and areas named after him. Among these are Carson, Colorado, Carson City, Nevada, Carson Pass and the Carson River. (Sanford & Green) Kit Carson has been a part of American folklore for decades but his fame grew from very humble beginnings.
Born on December 24th, 1809 in Kentucky, Kit Carson was born with a love for the
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(Sides) This new guide would increase westward expansion as several settlers began traveling the route via wagon trains. The first expedition of Carson and Fremont took settlers from Missouri to the South Pass. (Sides) The success of the two men’s first mission prompted a call for a second mission.
One year later Fremont and Carson set out again this time to map the latter part of the Oregon Trail from the South Pass to the Columbia River. (Sides) During their second expedition Carson and Fremont made several significant geographical discoveries; among the most important was debunking the myth that the rivers, streams and the Great Salt Lake were connected to the Pacific Ocean somehow. (Sides) The journey proved to be much more difficult that the first as the weather and the terrain posed problems for the group. The men were starving and forced to eat their mules facing a certain death stuck in the mountains in the middle of winter. Kit Carson kept the group moving however and they completed the first trek ever made over the Sierra Nevada during the winter. (Sides) The mission finally completed in 1944 was almost a year late but the details that Fremont provided in his reports were reprinted thousands of times. (Sides) These important details of the expedition paved the way for many explorers to follow and had it not been for Kit Carson they entire group would have perished in the winter cold of the Rocky Mountains. Following Carson’s many