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The father son relationship has an important influence on the characters that eventually affects the events of the novel as well. because Amir's obsession and his attempts to gain his father's love was the main reason for his jealousy due to the fact that Hassan was always better than him in doing that. As a result, Amir betrays Hassan by framing him that he stole his watch.

Another important example is Baba's relationship with both Amir and Hassan. Due to the fact that they are both their sons he treats each one differently because of societal influences. This eventually affects Baba's character and causes him into being a hypocrite. It affects Amir, as well because he realizes that his life was based on lies nothing else making it even harder to forgive his father although he had done a huge mistake as well when he was a child that had ruined his life as well as his father's. I found out that in ( shares the same idea “The most prominent relationship is the problematic one between Baba and Amir. Baba has mixed feelings about Amir, both because of Sofia's death and because he is the father of Hassan. While Amir is unaware of the second of these reasons he feels that his father is not as warm to him as he would like”

The most important father-son relationship in The Kite Runner is that between the protagonist Amir and his father Baba, a highly successful Kabul businessman. From Amir's descriptions of his father at the beginning of the book, it is clear that he respects him greatly: "He motioned for me to hold his hat for him and I was glad to, because everyone would see that he was my father." (p. 16) However, just a few paragraphs later, when Amir is describing the way that Baba sees the world ("black and white"), says that "You can't love a person who lives that way without fearing him too. Maybe even hating him a little." (p. 16) Amir is suggesting that his feelings towards his father are more of a fearful reverence than pure admiration; from Amir's point of view, it is a love-hate relationship.

In conclusion we can see the father and son relationship is finally reconciled on Baba's part when he sees his son grow into a man and get married. This is made clear when Amir discovers that Soraya has been reading his stories to his father. Baba says, “I put her up to it. I hope you don't mind” (p. 151). Not only is he admitting to the fact that he wanted to hear the stories that he had previously dismissed, but he seeks his son's forgiveness, an act of respect that we have not seen previously. As well when Amir fights Assef at the end of the story he starts to laugh because he was finally finding himself again and trying to protect his nephew that was his opportunity to make it up to his brother.

The song I chose is called “De Padre a Hijo” the reason I chose this song is because is based on a true story also because it change the singers life and the reason being is because his son had a open conversation. Thanks to that the son helped his father to take control of his life once again that said people should be open to their family members.

The lyrics of the song are so powerful and it starts with the son. ”Hey dad I would like to know why you drink every. I’m ashamed that my friends tell me that you’re an alcoholic and I start crying.” That Chows that the kid is getting hurt and he wonders why his father makes him go throw all that pain. The father answers his son back “look my son , my soul falls apart as u tell me this because I don’t know what to do for you to understand the cause of my addiction and my suffering” in this we can see that the father gets hurt seeing his son in pain because of him and he doesn’t know how to explain his actions. His son response to him “Do not tell me if you prefer not to; but if you tell me I will understand because you know daddy how much I love you and I will understand.” We can see the son try’s to tell his father