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Isabel McDonnell
Mrs. Bernier
Pre-AP English1 October 2014
Hauntings of the Past and Decisions that Impact Lives Negatively:
An Exploration of Theme in The Kite Runner
It is ironic how children are unable to comprehend the long term consequences of their actions. Still, the past can linger and tends to haunt people despite how hard society tries to use distractions to avoid negative memories. This is displayed vividly in the bildungsroman novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. As much as Amir feels he cannot conquer the past, he displays the ability to prove himself wrong when he finally seeks atonement through Hassan’s son Sohrab.
Amir is not mature enough to stand up for Hassan. Amir and Hassan share a bond that is so strong and this relationship is ultimately destroyed due to Amir’s mistake. For the rest of Amir’s life, he unknowingly has to carry the guilt and shame of his actions that are generated on the day in the alley. It is the horrified Amir who watches Hassan get raped by their childhood neighbor and bully Asseff. Amir recollects, “That was a long time ago, but it is wrong what they say about the past, I’ve learned, about how you can bury it. Because the past claws its way out (pg.1).” Amir refuses to stand up for Hassan because he is afraid; he refuses to admit this truth to Hassan because he cannot bear to show his shame. In The Kite Runner, Amir undoubtedly makes a massive mistake that influences who he is as a human being and shapes the remainder of his life in an unfavorable manner, as the past continues to torment him. The past drives him insane; he cannot make the memory of Hassan in the alley disappear. The consequence of his actions result in the betrayal of Hassan. Amir and Hassan used to constantly enjoy the presence of one another. After this incident occurs, they barely speak to one another and their connection losses its spark. Amir and Hassan loved literature and Amir always read to Hassan. Their favorite hobby is kite running. Amir and Hassan are known as the dynamic duo of unbeatable kite runners who have a passion for flying kites. These memories that last Amir a lifetime begin to deteriorate after he betrays Hassan. Throughout the novel The Kite Runner, kites continually connect Amir and Hassan together and symbolize their friendship. The overall significance of the kites represents the relationship between Amir and Hassan and furthermore how they begin to slowly drift apart. These boys bond, tease each other, and spend quality time chatting with one another under their pomegranate tree they frequently visit. They carve their names in this tree, and as a result, the pomegranate tree symbolizes Amir and Hassan’s relationship. As the book progresses, their relationship starts to deteriorate, just as the pomegranate tree decays or does the same. The tree no longer bears fruit, representing the relationship lost. Hassan and Amir are great friends and their relationship could have continued to grow if it were not for childhood mistakes.
The decision Amir has made impacts his life, making him feel like a disgrace to himself and his family.