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Kayla Jones
January 18, 2015
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ENG 101

Topic: Should Georgia Military College have a dress Code policy?

Common practice within public school system, educators enforce a dress code policy. At first, probably little or no rules were carried out in regards to the way a student should dress. I can imagine, over time, problems arise, were acknowledged, and resolved with the creation of this policy. Likely issues with distraction; such as, females revealing too much skin or extremes ranging from hair color to body piercings. Less than classy appearance; such as, sagging pants worn by men, and illustrations of offensive language or lifestyles. Popular clothing trends display graphics of nudity and vulgar language; statement making, true enough, but everyone doesn't support this form of expression. Furthermore, reflecting ideas and practices which bring about such difference of opinion may lead to bigger, verbal, or physical altercations. Georgia Military College does not promote drug, tobacco, or alcohol use. In case, a student attend class wearing a t-shirt with elaborate display of people smoking or drinking is understandably inappropriate. Ultimately, I find dress code to be a necessity for efforts to carry out a school's predominant goal: advancement in education. Georgia Military College dress code is similar to that of K-12 grade school, only the college expects adults attending the school to make responsible decisions as they choose appropriate attire for class. Children, can be expected to have complications and require more attention to this subject. As college students, adults, this should not be a complicated issue. Dress codes are more common than we realize. Within society it is not necessarily designated as a "dress code." We find signs in stores or a statement on a party invitation requesting guests have a specific type of dress. In these cases, the policy feels more inviting as it may be stated in a way that doesn't sound like rules or regulations, as with any rules the natural reaction is rebelliousness. "Dress to impress", "No shoes, No shirt, No service", or "Black tie affair," statements still imply that guests are to abide by specific code of dress. Students are to come to school prepared to learn and not expected to be ready for a fashion show. As a college student, obtaining your degree precedes finding a career and then working. When preparing for a job interview you want the first impression to be lasting, but most definitely not,