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Ahraei Mot
Zachary Zimmer Lashon Harah or evil speaking is one of the worst things a human being can do. It is so bad because it hurts three people and can affect the rest of their lives. It hurts 1) the person being gossiped about because they are being offended and it hurts their reputation. 2. The person telling gossip because it makes other people think negatively of that person. The third person being hurt is the person who hears the gossip because it destroys their thoughts on the person being gossiped about. A great example is gossip magazines. The people who write those magazines make things up so that when people see something interesting on the cover, despite the fact it’s not true, they decide to buy it so that they know what’s going on in someone else’s life, or so they think.That proves that Lashon Harah hurts many people. The magazine writer is now known for telling lies, the people who read the magazine now believes things that aren’t true, and the celebrity now has fans thinking something untrue. However all 3 problems can be prevented. First gossiping is wrong in the first place, and when you have nothing to say don’t make something up, that’s the source of the problem. The person who would read the magazine should know that there is no guarantee that anything written in the magazine is true. They should only listen to reliable sources or people they trust. Finally the celebrity being gossiped about can always call a meeting and say these things aren’t