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Knee Deep In the Water Somewhere Truly enjoying an activity means you as a person can cooperate in such activities with ease. Meaningful work is what you would call enjoying an activity or work. So what kind of fun is entailed with work? Not many people see where enjoying a form of work is even possible. To enjoy an activity you must see it as a useful leisurely activity, open ended time wise, and of importance to you. I believe that fishing definitely is a useful leisure activity; it never really requires a time limit, and millions of people in the world fish proving that it is of importance to individuals. The definition of leisure is, “acting, proceeding, or done without haste.” Meaningful work is something that should be included in leisure time. It doesn’t require you to be scheduled by your boss and it doesn’t require you to force yourself into doing the work. You should act as if you want to be doing it because it is meaningful to you all the time and not just part of the time. Meaningful work is never done just once either, which is how it ties into leisure time. Leisure time is frequently occurring on your own schedule, which obviously means that you will continue proceeding to do this. However, something you may do frequently but not truly have a passion for cannot be considered meaningful work. You should never think twice when it comes to the leisure aspect of meaningful work. Thoughts in your head should never tell you, “Do I really want to do this again?” Meaningful work will ALWAYS be done without haste, no questions asked. So how does fishing relate? Fishing is a huge leisure work for a lot of people. Even though fishing is not a paid job people still go and fish on their time. This proves that fishing definitely meets the leisure criteria for a meaningful job. There are millions of people in the world that have the skill set to fish, yet the number of people that do not get paid out-weigh the amount that get paid to do this. Passion is the base of enjoying leisure time which ultimately relates to how meaningful fishing can be to you. Paid or unpaid, the passion for fishing shines through people so that they will continue to devote hours to just reel in one keeper Trout. This shows that numerous amounts of individuals consider fishing, not only a leisure aspect, but meaningful work. Creating time for meaningful work always is open ended. Although you don’t devote the same amount of time to each opportunity you get, you still make sure to create a sufficient amount of time for it to be meaningful. Fishing fits the description perfectly. Speaking from numerous times of experience, I have been fishing for all different amounts of time. Therefore fishing can be considered an open ended time limit for anyone. Reasons you may stay longer than other times could be based off of how many fish you catch. If you go out in the morning because you heard the early morning top-water fishing is pristine at that time, then you may stay for a longer time and catch a plethora of fish! Then again, you can plan weeks for a trip out to Titusville, Florida, which is considered the “Red Fish capital of the world”, and go fishing all day and only catch a stinking Lady Fish. Certainly, this is evidence showing the meaningful work aspect of fishing. Even though many fisherman (and women) have all had “one of those days,” everyone still values fishing enough to open up their busy schedules. Through trial and error, success and failure, good calls and bad calls, fishing is still a form of meaningful work that individuals open up their schedules to make time for. Both including fishing in your leisure time and opening up your own time show much about how important that is to you. Not many things in this world will make you willing to repeat