Knocking Essay

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Both “Knocking” by Rick Hautala and “The Road Virus Heads North” by Stephen King are masterfully crafted horror stories that lead readers on a psychological rollercoaster. The authors are able to generate such a detailed and in-depth atmosphere that it causes readers to picture themselves in the terrifying situations that they have devised for those reading. Through the evolution of “monsters”, point-of-view and atmospheric conditions which help to create a mood that engulfs readers both King and Hautala are able to write brilliant horror stories.
“Monsters” do not have to be literal to create an enjoyable piece of horror fiction. King and Hautala are both able to create thrilling stories by utilizing fear of the unknown and exploiting
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In “The Road Virus Heads North” King uses point of view to help create a creepy atmosphere which really enhances the story. “The rumbling sound continued. Low and powerful. Coming from outside.” Strange sounds automatically heighten awareness and King enhances the reading experience by creating such a vivid and in-depth atmosphere that it makes the reading more enjoyable. Another technique that King employs is imagery which makes the reader picture the story going on in their head. “The Grand Am idled in front of the house, the white haze from its twin chromed tailpipes rising in the still night air. The Old English letters on the back deck were perfectly readable.” The detailed descriptions King uses allow for me to picture the car in my head anxiously waiting for something bad to happen to Kinnell.
In “Knocking” Hautala also uses imagery to help enhance the reading experience. “Standing in a defensive crouch, he tried to stop his teeth from chattering as he waited for the sound to come again.” In my head I just picture a man who has gone completely nuts sitting in his house by himself but it becomes so detailed from the specific descriptions Hautala mentions like the position he is in and his teeth chattering. Being able to picture what is going on allows for the reader to feel as if they are in the story experiencing what is happening. Another great technique that Hautala used to make the story more enjoyable was certain sentence