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When two organizations merge together, there is an unsaid immediate barrier due to the two different organizations becoming one. Both organizations have their own internal structure and employee relationship bonding that has already gone on. Especially if the two businesses have already been in business for a lot of years and have competed against one another, they will have a huge barrier to break down before being able to work diligently together without problems internally and externally happening. An organization that is merging with another organization that might have not done as well as the other business or has done significantly worse may need a lot of work done individually within each organization to full prepare each establishment for the permanent merge between companies.
Many challenges occur when a merger occurs, especially when it occurs among competitors. Merging two different organizations into one facility disrupts the operation and functionality on all levels involved within the organization. The merger can cause stress on employees and patients, and force difficult challenges to maintain positive results during the merging period and possibly beyond. Employees of both facilities do not realize during a merger that many positives can occur, yes it may be a challenge, but it is an opportunity to combine many knowledgeable individuals, introduce new styles of performing tasks, and introduce different styles of performance. Changes incurred during a merger will bring managers an uncertainty, a feeling of losing control over the many new faces in his or her department. The merger can cause stress, uncertainty, and possibly negative effects on all employees from upper management to employees working in the snack shops. The employees who are transferring to the other facility may feel unwanted, and neglected. Managers need to implement plans to focus on making a merger work for the organization as a whole.
Middle managers not have an easy job during the transition of a merger, he/she has to learn how to balance and maintain different personnel with different personalities, and work with upper management in order to ensure that all is well in the organization. Managers should focus on the departments that are within their realm of control, especially if they want to ensure a successful merger. With a merger, effective implementation of all procedures and policies is very important. Managers need to consider different ideas to assist the recently merged employees to understand, adhere, and work together with others to ensure a successful transition. Mergers can be an exciting yet challenging event, full of new experiences, a rebirth, and so-to-speak, of an organization, a new culture. The merger should be viewed as the best of both organizations creating a brand new world with many new adventures.
AI is an adventure, an idea by David Cooperrider in the mid-1980, a positive revolution that searches for the best in individuals, and seeks to build union, and seek positive change. AI focuses on just the care delivered, not events that happened, which encourages problems to vanish through something positive or problem-free environments. AI's impact will encourage a organization that is committed to sharing visions and knowledge. AI encourages a positive sharing of the newly created organization ideas, routines, and rules and procedures. Urge the two entities to share visions to house an efficient organization. Voicing issues, appreciate the organization, see what is good with the merger of the organizations, and realize that problems or mistakes can be an opportunity to encourage innovation and growth of the new organization. A manager in encompassed with many challenges in an organization, and will face more difficulties with a merger. A manager’s challenge during this new adventure is getting the merged employees to share each other’s visions. There are many departments such as finance, nursing, surgical