Knowing Your Audience Paper And Communication Release

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Knowing Your Audience Paper and communication Release XBCOM/275 Week 6 Assignment Beverly Clarkson December 10, 2014 Daniel Anderson


Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release

Before deciding to communicate information the audience should be identified. Know how delivering the message will achieve the intended purpose. The intended audience is the miners’ families and co-workers. Having the right tone and saying the right things when communicating the information.
Because of the family members it is important to be careful of what is communicated. It is also important to be considerate of the co-workers for they will also be upset because it could have been them. The information the family needs would have to be more in detail about the accident.
The information of the exact time, the people that are trapped in the mine, the measures being taken to rescue them and what is being done to help the miners while they are waiting. This is some of the information the family and co-worker need to know. It is important to keep them updated on what is going on during the process of the rescue. Also, from time to time there should be reassurance to the family that all procedures are being taken to successfully rescue the miners safely.
It is vital to decide the best channel of communicating the message to both audiences. It would not be good for the family to be face to face with the people who were in charge of the miners. Therefore, television would be best for the family to help control emotions. For the employees, face to face would be better because they will be more understanding of the circumstances.
Once the message has been delivered the audience feedback is very important to know if they understand the message that has been conveyed.
On August 5, 2010, in northern Chile, a small copper mine collapsed with 33 miners trapped inside. They were trapped 300 meters below the ground with very limited supply of food, water and oxygen. The news of the collapse spread nationally and there was fear the 33 miners would perish before they were rescued. After seventeen days of drilling, there was contact and all 33 miners appeared to have survived.


The miners had been previously that it could take up to 4 months to pull them to the surface. Amazingly after 69 days of the collapse, the first miner was pulled up by a specifically designed capsule. Each of the 33 miners was rescued to safety, one by one.
President Sebastian Pinera of Chilean stated that there would be an extensive investigation into the collapse. (Weik, 2010) The miners were ask how did they survive and they said they each ate about 2 tps. of tuna and one biscuit/cracker with a sip of mild every 2 days. ( 2010)
The copper mine in San Jose was owned by a company called Minera San Esteban Primera. Over the years the company has had other safety issues. There have been several fatal accidents on the worksites. This is why the person issuing the statement in regards to the Chilean copper mine collapse, must know the audience they are delivering the message to. The company needs to understand what their employees need to here. They need assurance they there would be improvements in their work