Knowing Your Audience Paper And Communication Release

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Knowing your audience paper and Communication Release
James Stein
January 11, 2014
University of Phoenix
Knowing your audience paper and Communication Release
When address an important situation such as this one you need to first know where the people are from. Next you need to have all the facts on the situation in order. You need to make sure you are not going to give false or misleading information to the families. You need to be sensitive to the families. But yet you cannot give too much information either. This is a very tense and emotional event. At first you need to meet with all involved. This can be done easily in a group or in a face to face basis. Being in this situation I would go with a gathering of the families in a neutral ground. Being in South America churches are common this would be a great place to set up the discussion. After the meeting begins I would ensure first everyone is present. Next I would start with the event that happened informing the people of what is taking place and what happened to make this turn event happen. I would most likely state the following “Today on August 5, 33 of our miners were involved in a collapse in the San Jose mine.” Then I would you next name the miners that are trapped. Following with the effort in which the company is trying to take to remedy the problem. Then tell of the attempt already being done.
This is one way of doing this but another way is to have the company appoint a person to take control of the situation and make the initial contact with the families. The best ways are as follows. As an employer the company would have asked for names of contacts in case of an emergency. The person that is assigned to the task should first make contact with whoever that was listed as a contact and carefully without making a situation more tense inform the families as the events that took place. If a person is not reached by telephone which is the first best way to contact then emails and face-to –face is best. And gathering all for the meeting as I stated in the beginning.
If I was in one of the families I would want to know as much information as possible. I would want to know how this happened. Next I would want to know who is responsible. And lastly is there an effort taking place to get my loved one out of the mine. These issues I think are important. Knowing that this company does not have the safest record the workers families will most likely be angry. So thinking about this how you make sure that the situation stays calm. This would I think be a hard situation. After all the news and the papers will be putting information that maybe false or even biased. So how to make sure the families are getting the correct information on the situation