Essay about Knowledge is Power

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Name: Donnie Theard
Course: UNV 104
Date: 7/06/14
Instructor: Dr. Eric Nordin
Knowledge is Power Through the many challenges of today's technology many students are discouraged and for some even disinterested in furthering their education. As I reflect on recent developements with the diversity of learning and the helpful resources made available; it is apparent education definitely is the key to success! As a result of utilizing the library and reaching academic achievement;students are communicating more effectively, information literate and furthering their education in higher learning institutions! There are various ways in which students are communicating in our advanced technological society. One of the most common uses of today is in online classrooms because many students work and go to school; the online classroom allows students to learn how to communicate more effectively. Because the rules of online communication are more about what, how and when things are appropriately communicated; students are learning communication on a totally different level than the traditional in class/on campus setting. For example: I was new to the online classroom setting and I used all capital letters in the discussion forum. Unbenounced to me, the capital letters indicated yelling which is definitely not allowed! Secondly, information literacy among students are increasing because of the use of electronic devices and how they are able to gather, absorb and share the information obtained. Thus being utilizing peer reviewed articles, online tutorials, search tools used in the library and writing tools such as proper formatting and citations. Students were tested before using these tools in the university classrooms and the post test showed increasingly higher percentages. (Australian Academic & Research Libraries, 2013
Vol. 44, No. 3, 151–162, Lastly, because the use of the internet, digital devices, audio devices and computers are the most commonly used sources in learning enviornments today; students are attending classes more regularly. Not only are students