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Description of the organization
Nature of the Business
Integrated logistics solutions that deliver cargo by sea and air.Value-added services and e-services, ensurecomplete end-to-end visibility giving the customers the control to take those important decisions.
Business Functions
20 Cube Logistics offers a complete array of services required by exporters and importers alike, with expertise in a wide range of disciplines; International Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain, Inventory analysis, Value added Services, Government Incentive Schemes, Indirect Taxation, Customs Clearance, Customs Law and Compliance Risk Management.
Product Services
Airfreight –International transportation on all Air Cargo Charter Services.
Unique solutions to get your cargo where it needs to be. Also initiates peak-season charters to relieve capacity bottlenecks on busy trade lanes, ensuring you the cargo space you need.
Seafreight–International transportation on all Sea Cargo.
Loose Container Load (LCL) - Multiple consignments are consolidated in one container by utilizing global LCL network. 20Cube Logistics' strategically located gateways enable frequent connections to or from any established as well as emerging markets.
Full Container Loads (FCL) - Dry boxes to state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere reefers, all size and types of containers to suit your needs.
Project Logistics - International transportation of large, heavy, high value or a critical (to the project they are intended for) pieces of equipment.
Customs Brokerage - The Australian Customs Legislation * Customs Valuations * Tariff and Duty Concessions * Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS) * Customs Audits


A. Identify learning needs for knowledge management system.
. Annual Leave planning and Job rotation – A structured diverse planning system leading up towards any employee taking leave from work.

The diagram shows the steps that lead to finding Annual Leave Planning andJob Rotation needs, which goes parallel to the analysis of the organization.

B. Resources.

Google Calendar (Annual Leave): Is a free time-management web application offered by Google. Allowing all uses to track and trace all employees’events.Utilizing Google Calendar will make all employees aware of all current and future events coming. Making all aspects of the business to flow more efficient. As time will be the key element for preparation.

EDI Training/On-the-Job training (Job Rotation): With utilizing the services of EDI enterprise in day to day operation. Training courses are provided free which enables all uses to attend. Broadening employee’sknowledge of all departments within Freight Forwarding.Which will allow job covering whilst on Annual leave more efficient.

C. Learning Activities:

Google Calendar (Annual Leave):Steps have been put in place for completion.

1. Approval – A manager or supervisor will be required to approve annual leave (as attached template).

2. Each employee to watch a tutorial on You Tube. Noting down any questions which you wish to arise. 3. A member from Google will be giving a one on one demonstration in office. Allowing all staff to interact (hands on based) introduction to Google Calendar. Asking any question’s that come to arise.

4. Employee’s enterand share Annual leave dates in Google Calendar for all to view and prepare for job rotation.

EDI Enterprise Training (Job Rotation): Employee has a choice which suits best for their learning needs.

On the Job Training
This method of training uses more knowledgeable, experienced and skilled employees, such as mangers, supervisors to give in house training to the less experienced with a half day once a week Job rotation.

Classroom Training
CargoWise Classroom Training is an interactive learning experience that allows students to understand and…