Essay on Knowledge: Science and Industrial Revolution

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As far as I am concerned, knowledge is the footstone of how we human beings live in the world, and is derived from science. It is known to all that our world entered into a rapid development since 1500s due to scientific revolution, and after that, a large number if important scientists made significant decisions which caused people thought more systematically and scientifically. However, since we have entered into the 21st century, different types of knowledge arose, many new branches were invented which fouled people with many information garbage every day. Thus, by now, knowledge is increasingly becoming a burden for the contemporary people and especially for the next generations.
In my opinion, the Renaissance is symbolic of the beginning of the modern society. And with the first Industrial Revolution took place after the Renaissance, we human beings completely came into a information explosion era. Trains, ships and airplanes were all created in a short period after Watt invented steam engine, which contributed to the western world had been replaced by the science rather than religion or monarchy any more. Also, we have experienced the power of the third Industrial Revolution, which produced the information technology, one that connects the world unprecedentedly intimate. As a result, the Internet industry set up, which makes the Bill Gates as the wealthiest person all over the world.
However, after the Internet Bubble exploded, we never make any progresses in the scientific field. Despite the fact that we virtually invented tons of emerging “novelties”, we actually rely on the previous knowledge. For example, sine iphone has been launched into the mass market, the app store has also been set up. We are able to search more than millions of applications in that store, yet