Essay on Koala Bear Speech

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Topic: To inform the audience about Koala Bears.

Specific Purpose: To inform the class about koala bears; koala bears most used body parts, where they live and what they do to survive.

Central Idea: To let my audience know that there is a lot about koalas that we do not already know.

Pattern of Organization: Topical


I. (Attention Getter) It has been said that when one person has a question about something, there are usually others who wonder the same thing.

II. (Reveal Topic) When I was at the San Diego Zoo last summer, and got to see the koalas, I questioned myself about what do they do, where they are from and how they survive. Well today that is exactly what I am going to
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Koalas sniff each leaf and inspect it carefully before eating it since eucalyptus leaves contain poison. Koalas can tell which leaves are the most poisonous and avoid them. Once a young koala starts to eat the leaves off the eucalyptus trees in its home range, it tries to feed on the same kind of leaves, year after year.

4. Koalas sometimes climb down to the ground to eat soil and gravel. These provide natural minerals and help to break up the tough leaves inside the koala’s stomach since they eucalyptus leaves are tough.

B. How and why koalas communicate.

1. Each koala has a home range made up of several trees that they visit regularly. They normally do not visit another koala's home trees except when a male is looking for a female to mate with.

2. “Within the Koala community, the Koala bear may mark their trees with scent and they also spend a great deal of time communicating”

2. Koala bears communicate by making a high pitch noise, as so would refer it to a baby screaming.

C. Koala bears need their land, trees and freedom to survive.

1. Koala bears used to be hunted for their furs which was a big this in th 1920’s.

2. Huge areas of koala habitat