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| Koinonia Primary Care | Final Report | April 11, 2011 | |

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Executive Summary 2
Background 2
Situation Analysis 5 Business Plan Needs 5 Fundraising Needs 7
Considerations 8
Current Financial Profile 8 Balance Sheet 8 Profit and Loss Statement 8 Statement of Cash Flows 8
Proposal 8 Business Plan 8 Fundraising Initiatives 9 General Goals 9 Initiative #1: Increase Exposure 11 Initiative #2: Obtain New Donors 12 Initiative #3: Create Sustainability 13 Financial Implications 15
Future 15

Executive Summary


Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob
Koinonia is an answer to a “Higher” calling. The Greek term means “true communion”, which is exactly what Dr. Bob Paeglow represents. In order to gain the essence of this organization it is imperative to understand who Dr. Paeglow is. “He began his schooling in medicine relatively late in life, at age 36, graduating at the top of his class. He had gone from a star college football player to prodigal, all the while balancing his induction into medicine with his responsibilities as a husband and father. Like many students before, Dr. Bob graduated deep in debt, but unlike the majority, he did not pursue a high-paying subspecialty. Dr. Bob had more ambitious aspirations. Finishing training in family practice, Dr. Bob created something that many altruists describe and dream of, but which few have been able to establish. Dr. Bob opened the area’s first and only full-time, completely free clinic where no one has to pay, if they are unable. A clinic that is grateful to whatever its visitors are able to provide as recompense, but fully aware that the patients do so voluntarily to serve those completely unable pay. This is a clinic of love, of faith, of brotherhood, of support, of understanding. This is the clinic of which we all dream, but which too few have the dedication and ability to make this sacrifice.” (Issam Koleilat, a second year medical student at Albany Medical College)
Compassion in Action is a non-profit organization where Koinonia resides. Their mission is to “provide healthcare resources for the underserved in New York’s Capital Region in an environment that includes the healing power of prayer and the highest quality of conventional medical treatment. Each patient is treated with the dignity and respect that recognizes their value as a unique and special creation.” Their vision supports this mission via research, grant writing, and seeking funding through donations that support the provision of primary and mental healthcare services. We monitor and direct resources to make the most significant impact on the health of the underserved in the Capital Region. Compassion is Action’s values, “primary healthcare shall be provided in an atmosphere of excellence. Healthcare services and healing prayer shall be offered to every patient regardless of economic status, social standing, and religious or cultural beliefs. Emphasis shall be placed on programs that provide preventive healthcare, healthcare education, and healthcare advocacy and empowerment; edify the individual patient; and build healthy responsibility” is at the core of Koinonia’s mission to “provide quality primary care and mental health services to patients regardless of their race, creed or ability to pay. Koinonia’s goal is to address the disparity in healthcare for minority and low-income families in the inner city. Care is provided for the whole individual, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs with services reaching beyond the scope of personal health.
Currently, Koinonia operates as a For-Profit entity. When we think of “for profit”, we think of a large organization that has a steady stream of income, but this is not the case for them. This intimate family-owned and operated organization located in the heart of Downtown Albany, NY has been around for 10 years and seeks to be around for many more. With sustainability in mind,