Cultural Dissonance Essay

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Cultural Dissonance

Cultural dissonance is a serious issue for people who live in the same country but differences about knowledge of culture, especially, the communication of people from different country. In fact, from a long time ago until now, people not only live and work in their own country, they also have opportunity to studied abroad or worked overseas. Therefore, people have to solve this issue in order to cooperate and develop in their life and also in their business. This essay will discuss some influence of the cultural dissonance and experience of writer when living in oversea. Besides, it will show the challenges to the international management operate their business overseas.
First of all, the important thing leads to cultural dissonance is different language. For instance, most of West Country uses English, but Asia country use different language such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and so on. The different language leads to a serious trouble in Asian country because people tend to be afraid to communicate with other from overseas. However, at the present time, this issue can be solve because Asian people have ability and opportunity to live, study and work overseas so they need to learn the general language of the world is English. This is the best method for people have chance to make a relationship with international people. According to Montano (2007), at college or universities, lecturer can group student from different country in one so they can try to communicate and learn about culture of each country. Moreover, ethnocentric is the distinguish of ethnicities, races, and religious groups in society happening between people in same country and also different country. Ethnocentric people will have attitudes and behaviors toward in same group that different attitudes and behaviors in out group (Neuliep, 2005). For example, Vietnam is a country with many nationalities but there are many ethnic minorities, people living at these place most of them lack of knowledge, education and communication with modern people. In my experience studying Australia, Asian students do not interested in communicate with “black “people. Actually, it is so difficult to know exactly why Asian people do that, but it still happening. Finally, cultural dissonance is not only effect on life of human, but also influence business who wants to develop oversea. Firstly, business has to research and learn about culture of country, it is necessary to