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Kolb’s Learning Cycle

Concrete Experience
The first stage of study or knowledge acquisition are from people’s experience.
But what is experience?
People can do something and get some feelings tha t’s called ‘direct experience’.
Also, it is indirect experience because people canno t experience everything in a limited time in this wor ld. Reflective Observation
The second stage means taking time-out from ‘doing’
. Different people may have different points of view.
At this stage, lots of questions are asked and commu nication channels are opened to other members of t he team. And it needs some discussion with others. T o help to do this well, learners should give feedbacks to other participants and ask for observations. What’ s more, they need quiet thinking time to help them d o better and complete their learning logs or diaries.

Abstract Conceptualisation
The third stage is the process of making sense of what h as happened and involves interpreting the events and un derstanding the relationships between them. At this stag e the learners make comparisons between what they ha ve done, reflect upon and what they already know.
For example, They may refer to theories from books for f raming and explaining events, models they know well, id eas from friends, past observations, or any other knowle dge that they have obtained such as lectures and papers.

Active Experimentation
The final stage is that after the previous stages, the l earners can make plans and put what they