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Kolby Vold
Dr. Hall
English 1-A

Looking at the picture shown do you feel drawn in or repelled from the product? From McDonald’s standpoint they would see this advertisement as a way of dressing up their product like a Christmas tree in hopes that people will see it and receive a warm feeling when reminded of the upcoming holidays and thinking of their fries as well. Hoping the visual will mesh with the feeling. This is called “affective condition”, the process of taking a product and placing it beside or associating it with something the consumer feels positive about. The consumer could react many different ways. Some may see it as a friendly advertisement addressing the upcoming holidays while displaying one of their favorite foods. Others may view it as a way to infiltrate the the minds of the youth. Either way you look at it does advertising affect us?

Advertisers who target children like McDonald’s hope they will influence the adult to buy them the product as they look to give the child love, in the form of gifts. It’s said that American children watch 40,000 television commercials every year. That number obviously shows a serious attempt of invasion into the minds of the American youth. The advertisers create a “nag factor” as its said that American children 12-17 will look to these products sold as a way to fit in, the product is displayed as what a popular child would possess. This leads to the child nagging their parent into buying them the product they have…