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Kony 2012
I'm against Kony for everything he believes in, does and his involvement. For a start the fact that he is killing and hurting millions of people just to keep his power is sick. The year they choose to make Kony famous doen't matter at all. The sooner the better but we couldn't help those in need if our goverment wasn't on board. Now that they are, we can.
The government sent troops to find Kony and his army, the LRA, that's them starting to help. We can start to help by buying the kits, donating, buying the braceletes or just keep making him famous. Make him more famous by showing the video to someone who hasn't seen it, make posters, banners, signs and shirts. We can use our imaginations, there is so much posible to do to help. According to the financial statement, 20% is spend on management spences and overhead.
Last year $1.7 millions where spend on travel. $3.8 millions where used for the film, advocacy and spreding the message to help. $3.3 million went to programs in Central Africa. They want to spark a campain to stop Kony and his army. The whole point to spread his name and stop him.
They also operate programs in the affected areas, rehabilitation and developement assistant. People argue that the creators or Kony 2012 has simplified and exagerated the facts about Kony and his group, the LRA. Ditractors also allege the Invisible Children is exploiting the situation in Central Africa for economic benefits. Jason Russell responds by saying that "it's a…