Korean Americans Transform Food Scene Essay

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Title: Korean Americans Transforming the Food Scene in Central Seoul

Sid Kim, a Korean American, did something unconventional by opening a Korean-Mexican restaurant in South Korea and giving a new meaning to the word “fusion.” Eventually, many other Korean Americans mixed some American culture with Korean culture and transformed certain areas in South Korea, such as Itaewon, into a seemingly different place. The experience of going to some places in South Korea has changed because of all the cultural differences from back then and now. Many Korean Americans are returning to South Korea because of the success of the Korean Americans and their restaurants. Places such as Itaewon are still not completely transformed but they are rapidly changing. These Korean Americans serve as a bridge between two worlds – Korea and America, and it has been admitted that it is difficult to cater to both cultures. What may be acceptable in American culture may not be acceptable in Korean culture, therefore Korean Americans need to keep that in mind when merging the two cultures. The differences between the cultures are very vast and great, but that is what makes the fusion of them so unique and attractive. For many Koreans, it has been their first time trying common American foods such as lobster at Korean American restaurants. A lot of foods gained more popularity because of the restaurants and made the Korean American experience worth your while. Koreans used to discriminate against Korean Americans, however,