Korean Cuisine and Hai Ba Trung Essay

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1. Business Description:
1.1. Background of the business:

1.2. Goals:
Hanoi, which is one of the most modern and developed in Vietnam has large population with high intellectual level. The improvement of living standard leads to the increase in demand in all aspects of life which such as entertainment or eating. There is a fact that people know more and more about Korea through Korean movies and music, including Korean cuisine but they do not have many chances to try it. However, food quality and hygiene is the issue that customers possibly concern about. In order to satisfy customers' demand to enjoy Korean food with a high nutrition, sanitation and safety standards, Kim Tan restaurant will be born with the purpose that provide Korean food for not only people living in Hanoi but also Vietnamese people in general the unique experience of cuisine from “ Kim chi’s homeland”.
1.3. Service Description:
Kim Tan restaurant will be the favorite palace for diners who are fond of Korean food. They will be guided to the suitable tables by our waiters, enjoy cups of tea first and order the food in the menu list. The food will be served as soon as possible after that, that it to say, our guests will not have to wait for a long time to have the meals in order to make them satisfied. Moreover, we will play romantic or instrumental music to create a comfortable atmosphere in our restaurant; especially we will play songs following customers’ orders in order to celebrate their special events such as birthday, wedding or anniversary. Furthermore, couples or group of people will be able to book in advanced to have private rooms if they want to enjoy the meal in a separate area.

1.4. Supplier information:
Most of input materials will be supplied from some wholesales markets near the restaurant in order to ensure sustainability, except Korean special flour and sauces that we need to import from Japanese trader.

1.5. Ownership Structure:
Four of my friends and I will invest into this business through private budget and become general partners. We will create a partnership agreement in order to be equal in terms of sharing profits for all of us. Moreover, we will have our rights to vote in the business.
1.6. Legal Considerations: According to Business Law 60/2005/QH1(2005) in terms of sequencing procedures of business registration., the following rules will be required in order to allow us to run this business: Article 7: Industry and business conditions Article 15: Sequencing of business registration Article 4: Regulations for food stores

2. Business Opportunities:
2.1. Potential Customer:
According to the market research of demand and supply of food service, I will focus on the following customers: • Pupils and students study in several schools in Hai Ba Trung district and nearby. • Young households want to discover Korean cuisine. • Korean people live around Hai Ba Trung District
These categories of customers who have good income spend £85 per month for eating. In terms of students and pupils, although they do not have much money, they are likely to be prospective customers because they are interested in trying unusual dishes. Therefore, they possibly become loyal customers in the future. After that, I hope that I can attract not only the youth but also middle- age and elderly people by promoting the advantages of Korean food for health.
2.2. Geographical area:
I would like to choose a palace in Hai Ba Trung District due to numerous benefits that it might bring to my restaurant:
- Plenty of offices and companies are located in this district, thus it is easy for my restaurant to access customers who are staff there. Moreover, this area is quite near the city centre, which a famous travelling zone for tourists. Hence, a large number of tourists who come from other parts of Vietnam and foreigners as well might become customers of my restaurant
- Transportation is extremely convenient there and good