Korean Game Essay

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Korean game
Recently, the most famous competition of science-fiction strategy game “Star Craft” was held in the COEX mall in South Korea, which attracted a lot of frantic fans to watch and cheat on their idol. Before the game started, competitors needed to get together and glanced over game characters for the next MBC game’s session which is one of the two full-time video game television networks. South Korea is the most advanced video game countries in the world, and Korean spends a great deal of money in video game. So, Rich Wickham, the entrepreneur of Microsoft’s Windows games business, who thought South Korea is a rapidly growing video market. Because South Korea has high speed network, Korean prefer to play video games with other people rather than play alone. Korean government tries to establish a recovery program to treat younger players who are addicted to playing video games, but there are so many younger people died for games. A Korean math tutor thought people between 20 to 30 cannot stop themselves playing video games. He also thought that playing game was good for our health. Another Korean, owner of the Intercool bang thought that student liked to play video games to relax due to the fact that they didn’t have a lot places to play sports and fewer things to do. However, the top professional Korean player is always stressful. A most famous Korean game player told us that he had a fixed schedule every day, and then he always sleeps late. When