Korean War and north Korea Essay

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6.04 The Korean War
North Korea
To spread communism and control the Korean Peninsula
The United Nations were determined to protect the democracy of South Korea
North Korea launched an invasion of South Korea with assistance from the Soviet Union
General MacArthur
To push North Korean troops back past the 38th parallel
North Korea captured the South Korean capital of Seoul
MacArthur launched a counter attack behind enemy lines
President Truman
To stop the spread of communism in SE Asia
North Korea was backed by communist USSR and China
The US sent troops to aid South Korea in the fight against communism
To keep North Korea as a buffer between them and democratic South Korea
MacArthur had pushed North Korean troops back to the river border between North Korea and China
China sent over 300,000 troops to assist North Korea
United Nations
To keep the peace
North Korea, backed by the Soviet Union and China, invaded South Korea
The UN sent a peacekeeping force to South Korea to fight against North Korea

Part 2
1. How did General Douglas MacArthur react to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?
After North Korea invaded South Korea, General MacArthur responded by ambushing the North Koreans behind enemy lines, pushing them back. General MacArthur wanted to invade China to implement a democratic government.
2. How did President Truman respond to the events in Korea? What was his stance on the Korean War?
President Truman responded to the North Korean invasion by naming General Douglas MacArthur the leader of UN forces. Truman wanted to keep China out of the war at all cost because he knew that China would aid North Korea due to its communist ties. Truman ordered MacArthur to stay away from the Chinese border.
3. Which leader's actions were the most justifiable—General MacArthur's or President Truman's? Support your claim with evidence from the…