KOSUN Shale Shaker are Meet with Great Favor in Domestic and Abroad Essay

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Shale shaker http://www.kosungroup.com/products/solids-control-equipment/shale-shaker.html is use to the vibrator excitation generated by the reciprocating screw type vibration and work. Stator rotating hammer on that plane whirl vibration sieve surface, while the rotating hammer make cone rotary vibration sieve surface, the effect of the combined complex type rotary vibration sieve surface. Shale shaker is a complex space curve. In the horizontal projection for a round of the curve, and in the vertical plane of projection is an oval. Adjust the upper and lower rotating hammer exciting force, can change the amplitude. And adjust the space phase Angle of upper and lower weight, you can change the course of screen surface movement curve shape and change the direction of movement of screen surface materials.

Advantages of Shale shaker´╝Ü
1. Due to the screen box strong vibration, and reduce the phenomenon of the plug mesh material, make the sieve has high screening efficiency and productivity.
2. Simple structure, convenient to conversion shaker surface.
3. Screening material consume less electricity per ton.

AWD Angle Adjustment System of Drilling Mud Linear Motion Shale Shaker
KOSUN patented AWD angle adjustment system can raise or lower the end of screen basket while the machine is working. This part includes two vertical column assemblies that are connected on the upper beam assembly and are attached to the shaker base. The mobile part of AWD consists of the lower beam, limiting device that controls vertical movement and screw rod that drives the upward and downward movement of the screen basket. Both ends of screw rod are hinged with the upper and lower beam assemblies respectively. Positive and negative rotating handles can make the screen basket move upward and downward respectively.

Shale shaker is mainly using the vibration motor excitation to cheer for the