Kotex Marketing Strategy

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Foundation of marketing strategy
Kotex is attributed to analyzer business. It attempts to maintain a stable, limited line product, but carefully follows a selected set of promising new developments. It seldom as a first mover, but often a second or third entrant in product-markets related to its existing market base, which is often associated with a lower-cost or higher-quality product or service offering. Thus, the analyzer strategy is hybrid. On the one hand, analyzers are concerned with defending via differentiation in quality. At the same time, the business must pay attention to new product development to avoid being leapfrogged by competitors with more technologically advanced products.
Product can be defined as anything that satisfies
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The key challenge is to make this innovative product well-known. Sampling is important to us as this newly introduced product can win customers confidencets through by getting the customers to try the product. Besides, organizing contest and sweepstakes will increase add interest to the sale of products. The contest requires contestants to provide the proof of purchase and snaps a creative photo with the herbs sanitary pads as a condition to entry. Sweepstakes, on the other hand, distribute the prizes at the basis of chance and does not require any proof of purchase as a condition to entry. Furthermore, trade promotion is useful in business market to stimulate resellers to improve their performance in a variety ways which including trade allowance and free …show more content…
By focusing on effective personal selling effort, we will train more quality salespeople in promoting our product’s characteristics and application at wholesale level. It is important to persuade retailer to buy in bulk of our products as the market is highly competitive in which our main competitors such as Carefree and Whisper might strive to attain the limited buying power of retailers before us. Also, gaining broad retailer support for in-store promotions is particularly important for low-involvement, convenience