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Unit 6 – Creating digital images

Kowalski Assignment


User requriment 3 success Criteria 4 research method 5 ideas for your solution 6

User requriment
Kowalski are a new local band in Wokingham. The album is called “The Streets”. This album is coming out 10th of May 2014. This album is for 11+. This album was also produced by forest records. Kowalski are a classic/indie band.
Band Logo
The logo for the rock band called Kowalski need to have an appropriate style like bold and sharp. The logo of colour should be simple like 1-2 colour and not bright just dark colour and it should be clear text and colour which matches together.
Cd cover
The CD covers needs to be attractive and eye catching. It also needs a picture of the logo on the front and needs a picture of the producers forest records. Also it will have sharp but readable text and a picture of the local street. On the back it will have the list of songs and the picture of the producer’s forest records. The CD cover will have image of Local Street. .The cd cover is going to have suitable colours like black, red not bright colours like pink yellow E.T.C.
The advertisement will start with the band name at the top of the poster saying Kowalski coloured in black and red. It will have image of the leader singer Billy Kowalski. The advert background colour will be white and the logo in in black outlined in red. It will also have a picture of the forest production in the corner of the poster or advert. The focus will be on the new album called "The Street” which will be written in the middle of poster and it will have some information about to buy the album, how much will it cost and it will say people name how part played in song like instrument E.T.C. It will also tell about what Billy Kowalski wears like his signature Aviator shades and his 1970’s leather jacket. At the bottom corner it will tell the suitable age which is 11+. It will tell what type of music they played which is Classic Rock/Indie band. It should be appropriate poster because it for age 11+. The advert will have appropriate picture like cop themed picture.

success Criteria

Logo must have maximum of 2-3 colour to reduce cost of printing on to T-Shirt and other merchandise.
Logo size must be larger so it look good on merchandise and T-Shirts
Logo must have the name of the band
Logo must be relatively simple so it catches people eye and is instantly recognisable
Logo must have