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KC Owens
English 111-W1
Evaluation Essay Rough

The iPhone 6 was released on September 6th 2014. Like all things do, the iPhone 6 has its pros and cons. The new smart phone has come out with a new sleek look, higher technology, and a longer lasting battery life. The high price has some people thinking twice about it. Apple has made some impressive upgrades to its new device, the iPhone 6. For starters, the screen size of the new iPhone 6’s screen has been a big hit, Apple has upgraded its screen size from 4 inches on the iPhone 4 to 4.7 on the iPhone 6. The new screen on the iPhone 6 also provides great views from different angles. IPhone 6 has not changed its speakers either, they still remain the same high quality that they have always been. According to Lisa Eadicicco “The sound is so boisterous you can hear it in the next room over…” Some of the cons the iPhone 6 has are the camera and, the big one, the price. The camera on the iPhone has yet to upgraded to a full high definition quality. The iPhone 6’s camera uses “digital image stabilization” versus the “optical image stabilization” on the Galaxy and other smart phones, leaving the zoom in still a little burry and unsteady. The price of the iPhone has always been up on the list of most expensive smart phones but the price of the iPhone 6 is outrageous, leaving customers a little frazzled. The price of the iPhone varies, depending on the amount of gigabytes. The prices non-contract, are: 16GB $649.00, 64GB $749.00, 128GB $849.00 versus the iPhone 5s which 16GB $99.00, and the 32GB $149.00. There was an uproar in September 2014 about how easily it was to bend the iPhone 6 according to customer reporters “…It took 70 pounds of force to bend permanently and 90 to 100 pounds of force to separate the screen from the case.’ The size of the iPhone 6 screen is not the only thing that make the smart phone stand, but also, the back of the new iPhone 6 has gone from a glass back to an aluminum back. With the iPhone changing the back from glass to aluminum, it has made to phone’s body harder to wear and tear. The RAM has also been upgraded from 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 4 to 8GB in the iPhone 6. IOS 8 has had its problems in the past with the iPhone 5 and 5s, in the iPhone 6 it runs flawlessly without any problems. The camera does stick out a little far, but you can buy a protection ring online to prevent scratching the lens when being set down flat on its back. The iPhone 6 is a big upgrade from the past models of the iPhones. The technology runs a lot smoother, visuals are a lot cleaner, and the wear and tear doesn’t happen as easily as past models of the iPhones. Though they are a little pricey at the moment but, like all other smart phones, with time the price will drop to a more reasonable range. Apple has also moved the power button from the top like on previous models of the phone to the right hand side on the iPhone 6. Seeing though the phone is quite a bit bigger, it would be a struggle to press the button on top of the phone. The battery life has also been upgraded from one hour use of internet on the iPhone 4 to eleven hours of internet use on the iPhone 6, a huge difference in time. All together, the iPhone 6 would be a great upgrade and in my opinion, worth the money.

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