Kraft Ad heating up the Kitchen Essay example

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Kraft Ad heating up the Kitchen
Can salad dressing be sexy? Well, Kraft will use the terms zesty. A new campaign for Kraft Zesty Italian dressing features a near-naked male model, named Anderson Davis, who unleashes his macho charisma while preparing salad. The product itself seems to play a supporting role in the humorous promotion, serving as a tool to help the gorgeous guy show more of his prefect body. Many of the ads for the new line of salad dressings features Anderson in a sexual demeanor where he is barely clothed and takes away from the purpose of the ad, which is to sell salad dressing. The advertisement for Kraft titles “ Let’s Get Zesty” seen in People magazine’s June 16, 2013 issue really went overboard with the sexual innuendos. Also with the sexual innuendos it has an underlying theme of women fantasies and men’s dominance.
The scene of the ad takes place in Italy outside in a grass field where the Caucasian male model is laying unclothed on a picnic tablecloth just covering his unmentionables. Placed next to the models thigh is a romantically themes picnic basket filled with wine, and little finger sandwich’s that this strapping model will feed to you. And located just a few centimeters away from the models bicep is the actual product, Kraft’s, Zesty Italian Dressing.
The main appeal to sex is made by the man’s choice of clothing. Being laid out on the picnic blanket with no clothes on after using the Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing will lead the audience to believe that if you were to join him on this picnic you too would only have the picnic tablecloth to wear as clothing. That this dressing should get you sexually aroused. Another obvious appeal to sex is the model himself. He is laying down exposing his smoldering abs and pecs as if he is a piece of meat that every woman desires and is ready to be served with the new zesty dressing. And his impeccable physique draws the attention away from the Kraft bottle also located on the tablecloth next to his muscular bicep. So instead of selling the dressing, Kraft is selling the model and the dressing is a bonus that comes with him.
Aside from the action and setting of the advertisement, the colors of the ad play an important role in the theme of sexual nature and men. The color palette of this add includes bright colors such as reds, and the grass is the perfect shade of green and even the model has a beautiful orange glow to him. Everything looks perfect and it is the trifecta of every woman’s fantasy. It’s a beautiful day, with great tasting food, and a beautiful man to share it with. It’s, as though they are promoting a dream to draw women into buying this product, so when they do this, a fantasy can become reality. Even the title “Let’s Get Zesty”, zesty means