Kraft Group Id Gum Product Report - Marketing Report Essay

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KRAFT Group Report
Report on the appropriateness of iD gum for teen market
Chandra, Hafizhah

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report was to evaluate the appropriateness of the recently launched iD gum brand for its targeted market, teenagers and young adults. Research for this report included reviews of several marketing literature from journals and books, study of relevant psychological issues for the product and its target market, and several statistical data related to the target market.
It was revealed that the target market mainly consumes sugarless gum and its main motivation for purchasing is for functional purposes, while fun comes second. The major findings indicate that the product is very much dedicated for teen
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(Confectionery News, 2012) |

Product Overview
Stride debuted with 1.0 gum line in 2006, followed by Stride Shift – the changing flavor gum – in 2010, Stride Spark – the nutritious gum – in 2011 and finally ID gum in 2012. Stride is popular for their not-so-serious advertisements that successfully attract teen consumers, its target market, as well as its long lasting flavor.
ID gum is Stride gum makers’ new and more innovative gum line. Consistent with Stride’s concept of “ridiculously long lasting gum” tagline, ID gum is the enhanced version of the usual teen-focused Stride. Launched in August 2012 in America with “kinda” mantra (Kinda more than gum. Kinda amazing) embodiment and ID ArtCade, ID gum quickly became the new teen sensation.
Gierveld (2002) distinguishes product into three levels as core – main benefits, the problem-solving services, actual – perceivable set of characteristics, and augmented – additional services and benefits enhancing core and actual product. The following iD gum product analysis will follow the three levels of product. iD Gum: 3 Level of Product Analysis Augmented

ID ArtCade
Multi-stop truck tour
ID gum brand
Changing flavors
Swirly pattern on the gum
Package with magnetic closing
18 package designs by emerging artists
3 flavors: berrymelon, peppermint & spearmint
On-pack scannable artwork for online game
Thinner container
Chewing gum