Krakatoa: Volcano and Absolute Power Essay

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What was it?
Krakatoa was a volcano that laid dormant until May 20th, 1883. On this day the first eruption of many took place. The eruption was so catastrophic that it resulted in the windows suddenly shattering in nearby civilizations. By August 11th, three vents on the volcano were regularly erupting.
On August 26th, four eruptions took place within hours of each other, the final cracking open parts of the volcano, allowing sea water to pour down the magma chamber. This created an explosion that could be heard as far as Australia, 3500km away, and destroyed a majority of the island. The sound generated was the loudest ever recorded in history. Airwaves from the explosion traveling seven times around the world, causing the sky to be darkened for days afterwards. It is said to be the most severe volcanic eruption of modern times.
It is believed that as a result of the initial explosion, nobody was killed, however due to the tsunamis that wiped out surrounding settlements, in addition to the superheated volcanic ash rushing over the surface of the ocean, it is estimated that around 37,000 people died. It was reported that even weeks after the event, the remains of deceased humans could be seen floating in the ocean, at up to a year after it occurred, skeletons were found washing up on the east coast of Africa on rafts of volcanic pumice.
While the devastation of the eruption was catastrophic, many amazing sights were created as a result of the event. It is said that spectacular sunsets were produced around the world as a result of light reflecting of the suspended dust particles in the air. Furthermore, it is also believed that Edvard Munich’s famous painting of 1893, ‘The Scream’ is an accurate depiction of the sky over Norway after the eruption.

How does it relate to power?
The sheer unstoppable devastation that Krakatoa created is a definitive example of absolute power. At that time in the world there were endless quarrels over power, control and knowledge. However, no matter how many of these events occurred, nobody on earth was ready to face the unstoppable power of Krakatoa. Throughout history there have been endless dictators and leaders who have claimed to hold absolute power, and yet in the end each of their reins came to an end. The volcano of Krakatoa however still exists to this day. Renamed Anak Krakatau, the island has been completely sterilized of all life, and continues to grow up to 13 cm in size each week. This demonstrates the idea that no man can single handedly wield absolute power, as the threats of time and the violent activities of the surrounding world will eventually conquer.
The trends in the aftermath of a great deal of violence and devastation