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Twilight was the most anticipated movie of 2008. Stephanie Meyer's series of Twilight novels have been a teenage publishing sensation, especially in the United States where over 20 million copies have been sold alone. Kristen Stewart plays Bella, a bright young woman who is the child of a broken home. After spending most of her life with her mum in Arizona she proposes to live with her dad, the police chief in a small town named Forks. Bella's first day at school starts like any other, she makes friends with everyone. I would like to say that Bella falls for one of these 'normal guys' and lives happily ever after.
The first time she sees the 'man' destined to be her partner our eyes are drawn to the screen when a group of five yellowish skinned, black haired attractive students stride into the school canteen. I think Twilight's originality cannot be questioned. The film is memorable as the classic Romeo and Juliet love story line with the genre of soft horror. This is what I think makes this film utterly brilliant.
In Contrast, Dracula was one of the first scary films to have been shown. A movie that not only talks but scares us, too! People remember unique and different things, and this is why Twilight is such a phenomenon. It has blasted our image of what we think of as a 'typical vampire', and in a way has made its own brand of monsters. This is the first film I have seen in a long time that plays on almost all of our emotions.
There are countless reasons why this film is so popular. The music is the key to suspense, the lighting is the key to creating curiosity amongst the viewers and the actors are the key to winning our hearts. The two main characters Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart and Edward Cullen played by Robert Patterson a young British actor are no strangers to the film industry, in fact some could say they are experts in the genre of 'subtle horror'. Both actors have been behind the screens since children, and their familiarity with making films makes their roles so believable.
Robert Patterson starred in the rivalry saga Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire in 2005. He played a main part as Cedric Diggory, a new comer to the wizardry sensation and he was undoubtedly a natural behind the camera. Patterson has a wonderful ability to act; his death scene in Harry Potter was breath-taking as he can really manipulate our feelings. Personally I congratulate Patterson as it must be a challenge acting as a mythical creature and he makes it so original and fresh.
The chemistry between Bella and Edward draws us closer into their lives and they make it seem like they have been together for year. When Bella moves to Forks, Edward is crazy for her, for her blood at first. He describes her as his 'own brand of heroin' as she makes it so difficult for him not to suck her lifeless. Even knowing she is in danger by staying with him, she