Kristen's Cookie Company Essay

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| Kristen’s Cookie Company | Sunset Team 4 |

A. Dobo, F. Montoya, L. Lie, A. Bustamante, M. Chitipiralla, E. Dzelzkalns

Process Chart

Figure 1: Kristen’s Cookie Co. Process Flow Chart 1. How long will it take you to fill a rush order?
A rush order will take 26 minutes to fulfill, as illustrated in the Gantt chart below.

Figure 2: Rush-order Gantt chart 2. How Many Orders can you fill in a night assuming you are open four hours each night? a. Assuming steady state at the beginning of the period and no limitation on the number of trays and mixers: * Order time of first order is 26 minutes. * Second order is fulfilled by the 36th minute * Steady-state rate is 1 dozen per 10
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As was discussed in our answer to question 4, increasing baking capacity will increase Kristen’s total hourly capacity by two dozen cookies, or two orders.

Questions for further thought
Note: For the purposes of the following questions, we have assumed the purchase of extra trays, as it is a low, one-time fixed cost that will help us operate our business more efficiently. 1) Assuming that we still have only one oven, and now no roommate, the bottleneck shifts from the loading and baking activity to our time. The cycle time increases from 10 minutes to 12 minutes (because now we have to also do the loading, packing, and paying parts of the batch).
But if we have an order for two dozen of the same cookie type, the order time changes again. Now we will be able to do the washing/mixing step for two dozen at the same time (6 minutes), have to spoon each dozen (2 minutes x 2 = 4 minutes), load each dozen (1 minute x 2 = 2 minutes), pack each dozen (2 minutes x 2 = 4 minutes), and take care of the payment (1 minute). This order, then, for two dozen of the same kind of cookie, becomes 17 minutes. Likewise, for three dozen of the same type of cookie, takes 6 + 2(3) + 1(3) + 2(3) + 1 = 22 minutes. 2) Based on the Gantt chart, and class discussion, we know that the maximum time it would take if a rush order came in would be 26 + 10 = 36 minutes (this is if there is another order directly ahead of it). It is not worth