Kristy Besant Seminar Alternate Assignment Unit 1 Essay

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Seminar Alternate Assignment
Kristy D. Besant
MT340-01 Conflict Management and Team Dynamics
Professor Karli Peterson
January 10, 2015

Seminar Alternate Assignment The seminar for unit one was the opening seminar of the term and it is when everyone has the opportunity to being getting acquainted with the course and one another. During the unit one seminar, the expectations for the assignment, discussions, and the learning journal were talked about. Professor went over the syllabus contents with the attendees as well as gave details on how each student could gain the most from the team discussions. It is vital for the team members to get acquainted with one another by finding shared interests in habits or subjects. The teams should plan ahead and agree amongst one another on the time, date, and location of the team meetings. The meetings will be important because during this time the team can accomplish the team assignments together. The teams should meet to discuss tasks, assign tasks, come up with roles, make a plan, come up with a timeline, and to ensure everyone is on the same page to reach the team goals. We will need to have a note taker that should rotate weekly. It is vital for the members to identify the tasks and objectives, estimate the time needed to complete the tasks and objectives, discuss how to accomplish the tasks and objectives, assign the work amongst one another, and help one another complete the tasks and objectives. There