Kristy Besant Unit 2 Career Skills Personal Branding Essay

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Career Skills: Personal Branding
Kristy D. Besant
MT 400
Kaplan University
March 9, 2014

Career Skills: Personal Branding
Elevator Speech
Hi. I am Kristy Besant. I am a property book officer with human resource management training. I have 15 years of total service and experience from a combination of the Marine Corps and Army National Guard and I am looking for opportunities the Dallas area where I can I can use my administration and/or logistic skills. I am gung-ho and in my zone when I am on a team with like-minded co-workers. I love joining forces with those who puts their foot down, are determined, and strong-minded corporate leaders who know where the next business venture is going. Collectively we generate and advantageously position flamboyant career publicizing communications that make a distinction to their irreplaceable values when they follow a line of investigations in regards to the proposals or propositions presented by their competition to gain and/or maintain customers.
Analysis and Critical Thinking Everyone has traits and characteristics that can persuade a people to engage and conduct business with him or her. People would want to engage and conduct business with me because I am professional and maintain my bearing at all times. I am a firm believer in conducting everything at the proper time. I have an amazing work ethic and I would rather complete the tasks that are required for me to exceed the standard. I prefer to use my breaks to socialize, but when I am on the clock, I am all business. I have always wanted to earn my pay for doing my job rather than receive payment just because I showed up and contributed the bare minimum. I have established a reputation for going beyond. Every time that I have left a job, it was on good terms. That is one of the main reasons that I